Kat Brennan

Live your love.

Kat Brennan

Sometimes a hard life is what it takes to create something beautiful

Kat is a strong and surprisingly humble woman. Raw and polished at the same time, with vocals too powerful to come from her small frame, her music will move you, while you struggle to classify it. And once she tells you her story, you won’t be able to walk away.

If you ask her she will tell you that music was always in her, but until the spring of 2012, it wasn’t expressed. With life pressing in, she went back to the root of the mountains where she was born, and began to sing for the first time in her life. Writings poured forth for no one other than herself. But people noticed... In August of 2012 she played her first gig, a show she was invited to play by friends who had heard her private writings. In the month that followed, she was invited to play three more. And so it began...

Over the last year she has written over 35 songs, each more powerful and beautiful than the last. And she’s only just begun. Now that she’s found her strength and her own way, I don’t think there’s anything that can stop her, and no one alive that won’t enjoy the show.

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